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GeoMotion Products and Services

GeoMotion offers a range of products and services to implement the marketing programs you need.

GeoMotion pioneered the technology for large-scale virtual tours using a database engine. Geo360 is the foundation for some of the other GeoMotion tools that use virtual tours in a variety of marketing contexts. The fundamental idea is that panoramic photography is expensive and should not be left sitting quietly on a website waiting for people to happen upon it.instead, we try to use it as a front-line marketing tool.

GeoPost started as a tool for guests to use to send electronic postcards that included Geo360 tours. It has grown into a direct email system with a calendar and customer relationship managaement (CRM) capability. Upload and manage mailing lists, send html-based newsletters, track responses, schedule mailings, and so on.

GeoTicket and GeoExport
GeoMotion holds patents pending on the technology used to customize and personalize virtual tours. Our client hotels routinely create virtual tours addressed to transient guests, meeting planners, and honeymoon or other niche audiences. GeoExport allows the hotel to make these tours accessible to marketing partners to further customize and integrate with their own websites.

GeoDG (Destination Guides)
GeoMotion is developing a library of Destination Guides for selected areas that offer virtual tours of attractions along with local guides including dining, shopping, events, and special interests such as golf and fishing. Where available, our clients may customize and append these guides to their websites.

GeoCD is used to extract and package individual virtual tours from the web so that they can be downloaded and stored to an offline machine or CD-ROM. This capability is valuable for individual hotel marketing.

This tool is used to track .queries of interest. on the Google search engine. Clients may define a set of queries of interest and the program will track the top listings for those queries over time. We use this tool to monitor the rankings of our clients with respect to various combinations of search keywords.

Another innovative
solution from GeoMotion
(patent pending).  
GeoTicket is part of a complete package of virtual reality marketing tools from GeoMotion. Combine it with GeoPost or GeoCD to send out fully personalized virtual reality environments to your lists or key clients.

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